Serai, a trading platform backed by HSBC, aims to connect apparel makers and suppliers in the fragmented clothing and garments industry with features such as ESG metrics and analytics to enable end-to-end traceability from raw materials to the finished product.

By saying “Simplifying Global Trade” as the brand vision,  the solution has come to an integration of two product lines – “Traceability” and “Visibility”, and the platform contains various and diverse information, from company offerings to the latest market news and events.

Design Approach
A revamped, modern user interface and user-centric experience design that allows users to browse content within the integrated platform and the website, increasing the rate of new user registration to drive product conversion.

A minimal, seamless and responsive website design that not only integrates perfectly with the two products, but also enhances the branding by adding depth to the identity and visual elements through the coordinated layout and the added interactivity and flexibility. Both the brand image and the usability of the website have been taken to the next level.

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